dear David…


i don’t think i’ve ever written about you. nor have i written to you about how i feel about you.

yes, you’re my little brother, you’re annoying but i love you. that’s what i always say to you and you to me. but what i really feel and think about you is so much more than that. so since it’s your birthday, i think it’s time to put my thoughts into words (:

first, blessed 20th birthday, my baby brother who’s not so little anymore. welcome to the twenties – the decade of having to make life changing decisions, of discovering yourself and the world, learning lessons the hard way, and probably the most spontaneous 10 years of your life!



i still remember you being the cutest baby, pushing you in the stroller at the playground. if memory serves me right, it was when you said your first word “jie”. this is a story i’ve boasted about one too many times. i was a proud sister knowing that we had such a strong bond, which has only grown stronger. and i’m a prouder sister now looking at the man you’ve grown up to be.




you’re funny and smart. funnier and smarter than most people i know. you’re so matured. wayyy beyond your years. like an old soul trapped in a young man’s body, as i always say. the way you think never ceases to amaze me and many times make me feel like a shallow dumb blond! hahah!

dad, mom and i used to worry coz you were so shy growing up. but now, look at you, you’re wise, you always know how to approach different people, when to open your mouth, when to keep comments to yourself and what to say to make people feel better.


you’re gentle and tender to the people around you. the way you talk to our grandparents, the adults in our church and parents of your friends is more than just respectful. there’s so much sincerity and kindness in you. the way you handle the women in your life… mommy, mama(grandmother), zee girlfriend , your sister, your close girl friends. it makes me proud. because seeing how you treat us, with so much love and respect shows me that you’ll be a great husband and father someday.




vid vid chee, my sweet little brother, i want you to know that i’m so grateful for you. although younger, you’ve played the big brother role countless times, giving me the soundest of advices, comforting me as a sobbed uglily. i’m grateful that although we used to fight like cats and dogs to the point of tearing each others skin off, we still have such a close relationship. and although when we’re far apart and it may seem like we forget each other every once in a while, i really do treasure you and the times we do get to spend together during my summer breaks. i’m glad we’re the kind of brothers and sisters that can sit and talk for hours, be it gossiping or telling each other our secrets that daddy and mommy should never find out about (muahahaha) or talking about serious relationship stuff and our future. i’m glad that you can confide in me and vice versa. i’m glad you’re my partner in crime and that i can count on you to have my back.




so as you step into your twenties, my prayer for you is that you continue to grow to be that great man i know you will be, that you be strong in Lord, that you’ll find success in your studies as you travel abroad in the near future, that you continue being the sweet son, brother and boyfriend you’ve always been. i pray that no dream of yours is too great to achieve and i pray for your safe-keeping wherever you go.


i love you, my baby brother. happy birthday (:


About cherylchee

on the surface,i'm a loud and extremely talkaltive medical student and i sometimes feel like i should be pursuing some other career path. most people think they know me, but i assure you, there is more to me than meets the eye (:

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